Treasure Island, Florida got its name from an early hotel owner who buried and then “discovered” a couple of wooden chests on the beach filled with “Treasure,” The name stuck! Two miles of the widest and sparling beaches hip with volleyball courts, bistros on the downtown drag with Sunset Beach a cool residential waterfront neighborhood sporting “Caddy’s on the Beach” nestled on the southern tip. Drumroll for Treasure Island’s “Drummers Circle” is definitely an event you need to experience and participate in-held on Sunday afternoons on the beach, behind Sloppy Joe’s about 4pm., it’s absolutely free. Don’t forget to bring a drum, something to bang on or something to shake, and feel free to get up to dance. Favorite event of mine every year is “Sanding Ovations” world famous sand sculpturers from around the world create magical astounding sand sculptures every year with a different theme, it is a feast for the eyes with a feast for the tummy as well with beach stall shopping, music and fireworks! Bordering Treasure Island is Madeira Beaches “John’s Pass “intensified waterfront dining, shops and themed bars delighting in renting every water sport. Newer beachfront homes, affordable condos on the intercoastal and fabulous intercoastal waterfront neighborhoods.

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